My Three Goals for 2017: Grow, Finish, Monetize

I have been working on my website for many years. And the biggest obstacle I face is not having enough money to do everything I want to do to make it as awesome as possible.

Last year (2016), my focus was consistency. And I nailed it. I blogged 3 times a week  no matter how tired I was the night before. But somewhere in there I lost focus on WHAT I should be blogging about. I started being controlled by the number of posts I needed to put out rather than a goal, purpose, or plan for what I was writing. There was a plan, it just wasn’t getting me where I needed to be to earn enough money to invest back into the blog — so I could do with it what I wanted. In addition, some of my posts were attracting the wrong kind of traffic and followers.

On a positive note, my traffic grew tenfold: from 3000 visitors in a year to 30,000 in a year. Still not enough to achieve the monetization I desired, but enough to give me hope.

So this year, I will focus on growth, completion, and monetization.

  1. Growth. I want to grow my blog traffic and my email subscriber list. This is going to be difficult because I began with a fatal flaw that I have been trying to correct for sometime — but just have not had the lack of fear to correct. In fact, this one change could cost me ALL my traffic, forcing me to start back at zero.  I need to transfer my blog from to I have been geared up for this, but haven’t had the time to take the necessary steps (partially because I had to get a job to support my blogging habit). Site5 is my current host. But I may switch over to BlueHost soon. The only problem is that Site5 bills me by the month. BlueHost requires a big lump sum. It always goes back to the bucks. Since, I may lose my traffic, I need to focus on growing my email list. Presently, I have about 100 subscribers, but would like to grow to at least 1000 this year. (I really need to transfer this site too.)
  2. Completion. exists to share the Biblical Principles of Wellness so you can gain control of your health and be all that God has designed you to be. It is built on a curriculum developed by my husband in the 90’s after recovering from a devastating illness. He found his path to recovery in the Bible. And I have been working with his curriculum and expanding it and making it available online. I want to complete this task this year. In so doing, I will be poised to get it into book form, which has been my goal from the beginning. I want to have a resource to share with others who are sick and hurting so they can find the hope that my husband found in God’s Word. So one goal this year is finish this project.
  3. Monetization. Money is an annoying factor — my primary motivation for blogging is not money — but you can’t blog without it. So I need to try harder and work smarter so I can earn an income by my calling. Parts of me want to give everything away for free, my time, my wisdom, and my knowledge. But in so doing, I am not serving my audience as best I could. Without money I cannot provide the excellent quality material that I so desire. In addition, people have a strong tendency to devalue that which is free. So charge it is. There are many ways to do this while still giving away rich content. I must learn and study HOW to monetize and then implement that which I am learning. I just bought the book How to Blog for Profit without Selling your Soul by Ruth Soukup. Her first line of advice was to get the blog off of and onto So off I go to do just that. Boo hoo.

If you are a start up blogger, mind set is everything. Here is a FREE eBook to get you started with the right mind set:

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