My Three Goals for 2017: Grow, Finish, Monetize

I have been working on my website for many years. And the biggest obstacle I face is not having enough money to do everything I want to do to make it as awesome as possible.

Last year (2016), my focus was consistency. And I nailed it. I blogged 3 times a week  no matter how tired I was the night before. But somewhere in there I lost focus on WHAT I should be blogging about. I started being controlled by the number of posts I needed to put out rather than a goal, purpose, or plan for what I was writing. There was a plan, it just wasn’t getting me where I needed to be to earn enough money to invest back into the blog — so I could do with it what I wanted. In addition, some of my posts were attracting the wrong kind of traffic and followers.

On a positive note, my traffic grew tenfold: from 3000 visitors in a year to 30,000 in a year. Still not enough to achieve the monetization I desired, but enough to give me hope.

So this year, I will focus on growth, completion, and monetization.

  1. Growth. I want to grow my blog traffic and my email subscriber list. This is going to be difficult because I began with a fatal flaw that I have been trying to correct for sometime — but just have not had the lack of fear to correct. In fact, this one change could cost me ALL my traffic, forcing me to start back at zero.  I need to transfer my blog from to I have been geared up for this, but haven’t had the time to take the necessary steps (partially because I had to get a job to support my blogging habit). Site5 is my current host. But I may switch over to BlueHost soon. The only problem is that Site5 bills me by the month. BlueHost requires a big lump sum. It always goes back to the bucks. Since, I may lose my traffic, I need to focus on growing my email list. Presently, I have about 100 subscribers, but would like to grow to at least 1000 this year. (I really need to transfer this site too.)
  2. Completion. exists to share the Biblical Principles of Wellness so you can gain control of your health and be all that God has designed you to be. It is built on a curriculum developed by my husband in the 90’s after recovering from a devastating illness. He found his path to recovery in the Bible. And I have been working with his curriculum and expanding it and making it available online. I want to complete this task this year. In so doing, I will be poised to get it into book form, which has been my goal from the beginning. I want to have a resource to share with others who are sick and hurting so they can find the hope that my husband found in God’s Word. So one goal this year is finish this project.
  3. Monetization. Money is an annoying factor — my primary motivation for blogging is not money — but you can’t blog without it. So I need to try harder and work smarter so I can earn an income by my calling. Parts of me want to give everything away for free, my time, my wisdom, and my knowledge. But in so doing, I am not serving my audience as best I could. Without money I cannot provide the excellent quality material that I so desire. In addition, people have a strong tendency to devalue that which is free. So charge it is. There are many ways to do this while still giving away rich content. I must learn and study HOW to monetize and then implement that which I am learning. I just bought the book How to Blog for Profit without Selling your Soul by Ruth Soukup. Her first line of advice was to get the blog off of and onto So off I go to do just that. Boo hoo.

If you are a start up blogger, mind set is everything. Here is a FREE eBook to get you started with the right mind set:

31 Tips for Successful Online Marketing, Blogging, and Platform Building


Two Firsts This Week: Guest Post and Fiverr Order

Well, if you think blogging is a quick way to make money — you are wrong. Blogging is hard work that may pay big dividends someday. For me the current dividends are very small — but the reward of sharing what I am passionate about makes it worth while.

Since the money is not rolling in quickly (you’ll remember money is not my primary focus anyway), I had to take a job! Fortunately I think this part time job will help my blogging more than if I spent the time writing. Why? Because now I can pay other  people to do what I don’t do well anyway — like graphic design.

I am committed to not going into debt over blogging — so I have not been motivated to purchase services such as logo design etc. However, I knew I needed a logo, and I knew I couldn’t do the work myself. Believe me I tried.

So today I hired a designer from Fiverr to make a logo for my Reformed Health blog. It was only a $6.00 investment. If I like it, I’ll probably order a premium package. This was a big step for me. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I’ll share it when I do.

Also if you are looking for a logo design — you can get your first one for FREE by Clicking Here. I wish someone had told me about the free offer.  I had to pay for my first gig. Don’t make that mistake. Get your $5.00 logo for free now. 

Also, I had my first guest post this week by Simple Life Mom. Read it here: The Natural Solution to Toxic Skin Care Products. 

Thanks for following me on my journey.

Blog long and prosper.

Winning Habits: 4 Secrets that Will Change the Rest of your Life

This is a book review.

From what I have noticed, self-help or self-improvement books have two main qualities:

  1. They usually have great advice
  2. They usually are written very simply

Winning Habits: 4 Secrets that Will Change the Rest of your Life by Dick Lyles foots the bill.

It is a good read, but super simple.

For some, simple is good. For others, simple is…well simple.

If you are looking to read a good piece of literature — this book is not it! But if you are looking to gain insights into some work habits that could change your life. Winning Habits accomplishes the goal.

The book is written in story format so the lessons can be cemented into the brain. Here are the four habits, which I will share from memory to demonstrate how easy the book is to understand and implement:

  1. Be the first on and the last to leave (do more than is expected of you)
  2. Never trade results for excuses (Nike said it like this: just do it!)
  3. Solve problems in advance (prepare for the tangents)
  4. Always make those around you look good (do good unto others always)

I confess, I had to look up number four because I couldn’t remember. While I am sharing these four principles with you — to fully understand what the author means by each and for a plan of implementation — including templates for troubleshooting and problem solving — read the book.

This is perfect reading for a plane trip (which is when I read my copy). It is available for a reasonable price on Amazon (like as low as .04 cents).

See what’s available now.

Dick Lyles is the author of best-selling book “Winning Ways

Keep reading and keep learning. That’s my tip for success!


My First Royalty Payment From Amazon (and FREE tips if you want one too)

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.53.45 PM

Do Not Despise The Day of Small Beginnings.


I have received my first payment from Amazon Associates. It is small to be sure. But it is a milestone.

I don’t blog primarily for money. I blog because I have an important message (or three) to share. The royalties from this payment mostly came from my blog where I share the biblical principles of wellness so Christians can have more vitality to serve Christ in their callings.

In my blog, I am able to imbed affiliate links to products I recommend or discuss on the website. If you are planning on using affiliate links with Amazon, here are a few things to know.

  • You must earn $100 in fees before Amazon will issue a check.
  • You must earn $10 in fees before Amazon will issue a direct deposit.
  • The commissions are pretty small, ranging from 1-10% See Schedule.
  • It is free to join the Amazon Associates program. You only need a blog. Learn more here.
  • Amazon doesn’t pay me to share this information with you. I do it for fun.
  • If you use affiliate links, you need to post an affiliate disclosure somewhere on your site. See Reformed Health’s disclosure here. And Blogging Chronicles’ disclosure here.
  • Here is an affiliate link I created if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate links on Amazon: Click Now to See Resources on How to make Money on Amazon Associates. I have not read nor bought any of these books. But many of them are free on Kindle. If you do buy something from the link, I will earn a small fee — and it costs you nothing more. That is what affiliate marketing is all about.
  • You can use affiliate links on most free blogging platforms, including
  • If you want to have more freedom in affiliate marketing, you need a self-hosted blog (google it if you want to know the difference).
  • I mostly use for my affiliate links, but am in the process of switching to
  • I use Site5 to self-host my blogs, but I haven’t got them all transferred yet. (btw-This is another affiliate link, but not with Amazon.) I hope to devote a post to why I chose Site5 as my host. And I can’t wait to get all my sites transferred.
  • Have fun.

Donald Miller of StoryBrand says a One-liner Can Double Your Income: Here’s Mine.


Hi, Mischelle here. For 10 years I have wanted to share the message of healing through applying biblical principles to health and life-style.

I have started and stopped the process too many times. Finally I plunged in with both feet. The trouble was, I could not confidently communicate my message in a succinct way so people could get interested and quickly understand what I was about.

Thankfully Donald Miller came along to help. I’ve never Continue reading

I Can’t Believe It. I went from 50 Unique Visitors to 1000 Overnight.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.09.11 PMI have been working on building my platform for the last several months. I have felt like I hit a brick wall — locked in at about an average of 50 visitors a day. I was about to give up out of frustrations.


My husband reminded me that I need to apply all the principles I have been learning. So I re-evaluated. I had recently written a post about how to turn failure into success. I knew I needed to practice what I was preaching. Whatever I was doing wrong, I needed to learn from it and change course. And I did. Literally overnight I had over 1000 unique visitors on my blog

Here’s what I did! Continue reading

5 Attitudes to Turn Every Failure into a Success

Copy of The ocean stirsthe heart, inspiresthe imagination& brings eternaljoy to the soulAlmost all aspiring bloggers, entrepreneurs, and creatives have one thing in common: fear of failure. I know it is a constant struggle for me. Fear inspires two options: quit or overcome. I want to be an over-comer.

These five attitudes have the power to turn every failure into a success. What one calls “failure” must been seen for the reality it is. These five “realities” will help you leave the pain of failure behind and embrace the real success they embody.

Don’t see failure as failure, see it as an opportunity to:

  1. Learn — every time something goes wrong or doesn’t work out as you expect, you are given an opportunity to learn what went wrong. This will help you do better next time.
  2. Leverage Change — did you make a blunder? See it as an opportunity to redirect your course. Keep seeking your goal and eventually you will hit your target.
  3. Laugh — sometimes we have to laugh at our mistakes. The sooner we laugh over them, the sooner we can move on. Don’t weigh yourself down with past failures. Laugh, learn, and use the failure to leverage change.
  4. Labor — they say practice makes perfect. Rather, practice makes permanent. Every failure is an opportunity to practice your techniques, casting aside the bad and holding on to the good.
  5. Live — embrace failure: it is a necessary part of life. It ain’t going away anytime soon. It is the road to success. Live knowing that some form of failure will come your way each day. But know you have the power to call it something else: a learning experience, a leverage to change, something to laugh about, a labor of love.

Embrace these five principles and you will control your failures and turn them into successes.

As Thomas Edison said after 1000 unsuccessful attempts perfecting the lightbulb: “I did not fail 1000 times, I found a 1000 ways it wouldn’t work.”

These five attitudes are inspired and adapted from Tom Hopkins’ book How to Master the Art of SellingI highly recommend it.