The Blog Post That Alienated My Readers (Don’t Make My Mistake)

One of my favorite stories is about a doctor who discovered that “cadaveric material” was killing one out of eight new mothers. This Austrian physician from the 1800’s implemented a hand washing routine for his hospitals and clinics and the death rate dropped dramatically. However, “the medical establishment” of the day thought that hand washing was archaic, superstitious, and too time consuming to implement.

As a result, the doctor went insane, only to be vindicated later.

This favorite blog post had only received one view all year. What a big discouragement to me! So I decide to revamp the headline (which I had written years earlier) from Healthy Blood through Cleanliness: The Semmelweis Principle (boring) to Famous Doctor Goes Insane After Cadaver Kills New Mother.  And I made a wonderful graphic that went with the title. And I made it long so it could double as a Pinterest pin for all my “blogging buddies” to share.  Continue reading