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Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. Here’s what that means and what I promise:

  1. If you buy something from one of those links, I might earn a small commission.
  2. I will not recommend something that I don’t believe in.
  3. However, if I am reviewing a product that I have tried, I may link to it even if I don’t give it glowing reviews.
  4. My desire is to only speak the truth in love, sharing from true experience.
  5. I will not lie about anything just to get you to purchase something.
  6. Purchasing an item by my recommendation costs nothing extra to you — it only helps pay for my writing habit.
  7. If you click a link and it takes you to another webpage — they may have different privacy and affiliate policies.
  8. Not everything that I share earns me money.
  9. If it helps me and I think it will help you: I’ll still share even if I don’t get paid.
  10. Sometimes I will offer free things in exchange for your email address. Visit my home page for my current freebie.