Avoid This HUGE Affiliate Marketing Mistake

If you don’t want to be de-indexed from search engines — you’ll need to avoid this HUGE affiliate marketing mistake. Thankfully I caught it before I lost too much traffic.

Thrive Market has been my biggest source of revenue from my Reformed Health website. Learn about Thrive Market here. But recently I noticed that even though I was showing a lot of click throughs in my blog stats,  I was NOT registering any clicks on my Thrive Dashboard.

That’s when I noticed that the Thrive Market $100 grocery give-away had EXPIRED! So I clicked on one of the links, and sure enough it was a broken link that went nowhere.

Broken links are big NO NOs in the cyberworld — especially among search engines.

Unfortunately, I had recently changed almost ALL of my Thrive links to the $100 give-away because the landing page was more interactive and engaging. This meant I had a LOT of broken links to deal with. These links had been offline for almost TWO WEEKS! I almost panicked. Instead I cast my cares upon the Lord and sought answers how to resolve the issue in the shortest time possible.

I ran my website through the FREE website Broken Link Checker and found over 800 pages of broken links. This startled me because I have less than 300 pages on my website (but WordPress organizes those 300 pages into around 1500 pages). Then I remembered that I had one Thrive link that appears on almost all my pages — a vertical banner ad in the sidebar of my blog. That was the first link I changed.

Changing that ONE link reduced the broken links to under 100.

Then it was just a matter of changing them one by one until all links were fixed. In the process, I found a dozen or more broken links that were not attached to the Thrive Market.

So, as usual — it turned out to be a blessing is disguise. One broken link is one too many.

Note to self: Run Broken Link Checker monthly or even weekly!

If you are a blogger looking to earn some affiliate commission, make sure to check your links regularly. Also, if you are interested in earning affiliate commissions, check out Thrive Market’s Affiliate Program. It might be a fit for you.