Two Firsts This Week: Guest Post and Fiverr Order

Well, if you think blogging is a quick way to make money — you are wrong. Blogging is hard work that may pay big dividends someday. For me the current dividends are very small — but the reward of sharing what I am passionate about makes it worth while.

Since the money is not rolling in quickly (you’ll remember money is not my primary focus anyway), I had to take a job! Fortunately I think this part time job will help my blogging more than if I spent the time writing. Why? Because now I can pay other  people to do what I don’t do well anyway — like graphic design.

I am committed to not going into debt over blogging — so I have not been motivated to purchase services such as logo design etc. However, I knew I needed a logo, and I knew I couldn’t do the work myself. Believe me I tried.

So today I hired a designer from Fiverr to make a logo for my Reformed Health blog. It was only a $6.00 investment. If I like it, I’ll probably order a premium package. This was a big step for me. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I’ll share it when I do.

Also if you are looking for a logo design — you can get your first one for FREE by Clicking Here. I wish someone had told me about the free offer.  I had to pay for my first gig. Don’t make that mistake. Get your $5.00 logo for free now. 

Also, I had my first guest post this week by Simple Life Mom. Read it here: The Natural Solution to Toxic Skin Care Products. 

Thanks for following me on my journey.

Blog long and prosper.


Winning Habits: 4 Secrets that Will Change the Rest of your Life

This is a book review.

From what I have noticed, self-help or self-improvement books have two main qualities:

  1. They usually have great advice
  2. They usually are written very simply

Winning Habits: 4 Secrets that Will Change the Rest of your Life by Dick Lyles foots the bill.

It is a good read, but super simple.

For some, simple is good. For others, simple is…well simple.

If you are looking to read a good piece of literature — this book is not it! But if you are looking to gain insights into some work habits that could change your life. Winning Habits accomplishes the goal.

The book is written in story format so the lessons can be cemented into the brain. Here are the four habits, which I will share from memory to demonstrate how easy the book is to understand and implement:

  1. Be the first on and the last to leave (do more than is expected of you)
  2. Never trade results for excuses (Nike said it like this: just do it!)
  3. Solve problems in advance (prepare for the tangents)
  4. Always make those around you look good (do good unto others always)

I confess, I had to look up number four because I couldn’t remember. While I am sharing these four principles with you — to fully understand what the author means by each and for a plan of implementation — including templates for troubleshooting and problem solving — read the book.

This is perfect reading for a plane trip (which is when I read my copy). It is available for a reasonable price on Amazon (like as low as .04 cents).

See what’s available now.

Dick Lyles is the author of best-selling book “Winning Ways

Keep reading and keep learning. That’s my tip for success!