My First Royalty Payment From Amazon (and FREE tips if you want one too)

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Do Not Despise The Day of Small Beginnings.


I have received my first payment from Amazon Associates. It is small to be sure. But it is a milestone.

I don’t blog primarily for money. I blog because I have an important message (or three) to share. The royalties from this payment mostly came from my blog where I share the biblical principles of wellness so Christians can have more vitality to serve Christ in their callings.

In my blog, I am able to imbed affiliate links to products I recommend or discuss on the website. If you are planning on using affiliate links with Amazon, here are a few things to know.

  • You must earn $100 in fees before Amazon will issue a check.
  • You must earn $10 in fees before Amazon will issue a direct deposit.
  • The commissions are pretty small, ranging from 1-10% See Schedule.
  • It is free to join the Amazon Associates program. You only need a blog. Learn more here.
  • Amazon doesn’t pay me to share this information with you. I do it for fun.
  • If you use affiliate links, you need to post an affiliate disclosure somewhere on your site. See Reformed Health’s disclosure here. And Blogging Chronicles’ disclosure here.
  • Here is an affiliate link I created if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate links on Amazon: Click Now to See Resources on How to make Money on Amazon Associates. I have not read nor bought any of these books. But many of them are free on Kindle. If you do buy something from the link, I will earn a small fee — and it costs you nothing more. That is what affiliate marketing is all about.
  • You can use affiliate links on most free blogging platforms, including
  • If you want to have more freedom in affiliate marketing, you need a self-hosted blog (google it if you want to know the difference).
  • I mostly use for my affiliate links, but am in the process of switching to
  • I use Site5 to self-host my blogs, but I haven’t got them all transferred yet. (btw-This is another affiliate link, but not with Amazon.) I hope to devote a post to why I chose Site5 as my host. And I can’t wait to get all my sites transferred.
  • Have fun.

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