Here Is One of the Reasons I Love Pat Flynn: FREE INFOGRAPHIC

If you don’t follow Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, you are making a huge mistake.

Not only does he tell his readers how much money he makes each month (last month he earned 115 thousand and change), but he gives away great content.

And he is letting me share some of it with you!

Of course, he is doing it for a reason: he wants more blog traffic. And he deserves it. Click on the link and check out what he is doing. I am not getting paid in any way to share this. I just think it is great information.




Canva plus Pixabay Equals Better Pins and Blog Images

I’ve written about how Pixabay has helped me in the past. Read about it here.

But now that I’ve discovered Canva, Pixabay has become even more valuable. I am not a designer. I don’t have an eye for colors or fonts. But I can learn. And Canva has a free design school. Check it out. 

In fact, Canva doesn’t only have a free design school, they allow you to make graphic designs for social media for free. Yes, there are elements that you CAN pay for if you want. And if you are a big time designer, you might need that. But I don’t. I just need a simple way to make pins and blog images and various other things.

I learned about Canva from Etsy, where I sell under the name Uniquely Boutiquely or Vintageopoly. Etsy partnered with Canva to create headers for our Etsy shops. With the help of Pixabay, I was able to create a decent header — despite my lack of skill. Check it out.

But, even more important are the great pins I can now make. I wasn’t even using Pinterest seriously — and had never really thought about designing nice pins. But that recently changed. Now I create new pins for my posts at that match the images on my blog post.

I will share a few pins I have created using Pixabay and Canva together. Notice they are different sizes. Canva allows you to make custom sized graphics. It is so easy and fun. No experience necessary. I get all my inspiration from pins that stand out to me, and I save them in my “Pins That Pop” folder on Pinterest.

You can follow me or check out all my pins on Pinterest here. You’ll notice, not all of them have been updated to “pop.” And I am still learning.

The following pins, I have updated. If you click on any of them, they will take you to the website to see the matching blog graphic.

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My First Royalty Payment From Amazon (and FREE tips if you want one too)

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.53.45 PM

Do Not Despise The Day of Small Beginnings.


I have received my first payment from Amazon Associates. It is small to be sure. But it is a milestone.

I don’t blog primarily for money. I blog because I have an important message (or three) to share. The royalties from this payment mostly came from my blog where I share the biblical principles of wellness so Christians can have more vitality to serve Christ in their callings.

In my blog, I am able to imbed affiliate links to products I recommend or discuss on the website. If you are planning on using affiliate links with Amazon, here are a few things to know.

  • You must earn $100 in fees before Amazon will issue a check.
  • You must earn $10 in fees before Amazon will issue a direct deposit.
  • The commissions are pretty small, ranging from 1-10% See Schedule.
  • It is free to join the Amazon Associates program. You only need a blog. Learn more here.
  • Amazon doesn’t pay me to share this information with you. I do it for fun.
  • If you use affiliate links, you need to post an affiliate disclosure somewhere on your site. See Reformed Health’s disclosure here. And Blogging Chronicles’ disclosure here.
  • Here is an affiliate link I created if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate links on Amazon: Click Now to See Resources on How to make Money on Amazon Associates. I have not read nor bought any of these books. But many of them are free on Kindle. If you do buy something from the link, I will earn a small fee — and it costs you nothing more. That is what affiliate marketing is all about.
  • You can use affiliate links on most free blogging platforms, including
  • If you want to have more freedom in affiliate marketing, you need a self-hosted blog (google it if you want to know the difference).
  • I mostly use for my affiliate links, but am in the process of switching to
  • I use Site5 to self-host my blogs, but I haven’t got them all transferred yet. (btw-This is another affiliate link, but not with Amazon.) I hope to devote a post to why I chose Site5 as my host. And I can’t wait to get all my sites transferred.
  • Have fun.