Donald Miller of StoryBrand says a One-liner Can Double Your Income: Here’s Mine.


Hi, Mischelle here. For 10 years I have wanted to share the message of healing through applying biblical principles to health and life-style.

I have started and stopped the process too many times. Finally I plunged in with both feet. The trouble was, I could not confidently communicate my message in a succinct way so people could get interested and quickly understand what I was about.

Thankfully Donald Miller came along to help. I’ve never met him personally, but I was introduced to him through Michael Hyatt and Platform University. He is an inspiring speaker and author as well as a well-recognized branding guru.

Recently he sent me an email with a link to a free webinar that boasted I could double my revenue with one sentence. I bit the bait and he reeled me in. Of course he was hoping to sell my on his StoryBrand workshop (which I might be able to do if I can sextuple my income by using his technique).

The first half of the webinar taught me the importance of and the process to create a “one-liner” which clearly, quickly, and succinctly tells people what you do or sell. A one-liner could also be called an elevator pitch or a value proposition.

Presently, I don’t have a product, rather I am trying to find readers who can benefit from the information I share at — though I do hope to create products in the near future. So I don’t see much benefit in a doubled income — but I’d love to double my traffic.

The one-liner (which can be more than one sentence) is split into three parts — so I will split mine up. I followed Donald Miller’s formula. See if you can figure it out by studying my one-liner. If not, the webinar may still be live. There is a link at the bottom.

Here is my one-liner broken into the three parts:

  1. Many people don’t realize the Bible has solutions to chronic illness and everyday health concerns
  2. so we created to share the biblical principles of wellness
  3. so others can better serve Christ and one-another in their callings.

It took me several tries to get it just the way I wanted it.

But I’d love feedback. If you think it is unclear or needs tweaking: let me know in the comments. Or even better — share your one-liner and/or website with me.

If you are building a platform, selling a product or service, or have a message to share with the world — you should create a one-liner too.

Final thoughts: memorize and repeat your one-liner to everyone who asks what you do or sell.

Here is a link to Donald Miller’s webinar. (No, I don’t earn any commission from sharing — just trying to be helpful. and it may no longer be available because it contained time sensitive material.)  Or you can go directly to Story Brand — Donald Miller is always giving something away for free. Be warned though — he might reel you in for his workshop.



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