5 Attitudes to Turn Every Failure into a Success

Copy of The ocean stirsthe heart, inspiresthe imagination& brings eternaljoy to the soulAlmost all aspiring bloggers, entrepreneurs, and creatives have one thing in common: fear of failure. I know it is a constant struggle for me. Fear inspires two options: quit or overcome. I want to be an over-comer.

These five attitudes have the power to turn every failure into a success. What one calls “failure” must been seen for the reality it is. These five “realities” will help you leave the pain of failure behind and embrace the real success they embody.

Don’t see failure as failure, see it as an opportunity to:

  1. Learn — every time something goes wrong or doesn’t work out as you expect, you are given an opportunity to learn what went wrong. This will help you do better next time.
  2. Leverage Change — did you make a blunder? See it as an opportunity to redirect your course. Keep seeking your goal and eventually you will hit your target.
  3. Laugh — sometimes we have to laugh at our mistakes. The sooner we laugh over them, the sooner we can move on. Don’t weigh yourself down with past failures. Laugh, learn, and use the failure to leverage change.
  4. Labor — they say practice makes perfect. Rather, practice makes permanent. Every failure is an opportunity to practice your techniques, casting aside the bad and holding on to the good.
  5. Live — embrace failure: it is a necessary part of life. It ain’t going away anytime soon. It is the road to success. Live knowing that some form of failure will come your way each day. But know you have the power to call it something else: a learning experience, a leverage to change, something to laugh about, a labor of love.

Embrace these five principles and you will control your failures and turn them into successes.

As Thomas Edison said after 1000 unsuccessful attempts perfecting the lightbulb: “I did not fail 1000 times, I found a 1000 ways it wouldn’t work.”

These five attitudes are inspired and adapted from Tom Hopkins’ book How to Master the Art of SellingI highly recommend it.


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