Are Blogs Really Free?

My main website is It is a health website that looks to the Bible for understanding how God has designed us to live in this world He created so we can achieve optimal health. One day a Christian friend was looking at the site and saw an “inappropriate” advertisement. She assumed that I had put the advertisement there, but I hadn’t. While I am trying to move the blog over to  the FREE blog platform, it is currently hosted on the FREE blogging platform Both sites boast that they are free, but it is not exactly true. Today I am going to talk only about 

I am sure that you have heard that nothing in this life is free. And I believe it is true. Yet, on the surface, many things appear to be free — like blogs and eBooks offers. So which is it? Free? Or not free? The answer is really both. We might like to think that if something is given to us, there is no cost. But someone somewhere paid for it. Even a gift from your parents, friends, or spouse costs THEM something — even though you receive it freely. and other blogs work similarly. A business can not operate without earning an income somewhere. While does offer items for sale, including domain names, upgrades, and migration services, they also offer unlimited free blogs to their users (so long as they abide by their terms of agreement).

Yet, even on those free accounts, is still getting paid. Not by the users, but by advertisers. At the bottom of the blog post, advertisements will surface for some users. This brings in money for The upside is a FREE blog for the user. The downside is that you have NO control over the advertisements that appear on your site. And unfortunately that could mean inappropriate advertising.

If someone wanted to remove the advertisements off of their FREE site, they would need to upgrade. The upgrades presently range from $99.00 to $299.00. Learn more here.

If the person reading your blog has an account with and they are logged into their account, they will likely never see an advertisement on your site. Everyone else probably will see an advertisement.

Lesson #1


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