Redefining Success (When You Feel Like an Epic Failure)

No one wants to be a failure. It just doesn’t feel good. But that’s exactly how I felt this morning. Why?

It is silly, really. Bloggers and writers love feedback. I am no different.

Every morning I wake up excited to see if I have any new “love” from the cyber community. Every “like” I receive on a post is like a Christmas present. And when I get a new follower – I feel like doing a dance.

But that’s not what happened this morning. I knew I had two articles that had posted on different sites. They had been up a whole hour and I hadn’t received a single spark of interest. All the time spent – a big fat waste. I failed again.



What a pity party I was having. I am laughing at myself now. Had I really failed? No.

What is success and failure?

Is success getting a thousand likes on a post? Maybe. But is getting no interest on a post after being published for an hour a sign of failure? Of course not. That’s ridiculous. I was ridiculous.

True success comes from doing that which we have been called to do. For me that is writing, sharing what I have learned, and helping others. Writing (and writing consistently) for these reasons is the success.

Of course, we should constantly be honing our craft to reach the largest audience possible. But we can’t define success by what other people think or feel about us (especially in an hour).

Besides, the likes and new followers did come today. Just not as quickly as I hoped.

If what you perceive as success is coming slowly – define the why you do what you do. Set some goals and keep them. That is success.

I’d love for you to share your thoughts about success in the comments.


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