The (embarrassing) Blogging Blunder I Made Today And How You Can Avoid It

Today I made the most embarrassing blogging mistake while writing for my Health website. I already lost at least one reader (more may follow).

I am sharing this with you so you will not make the same mistake.

Here’s what happened. I was working on an article that I had planned to post in the future. I write a lot of my articles in advance and schedule them to post on a future date. This helps me keep a steady flow of regularly scheduled posts, which is a good practice for building trust in your audience (and it is something I have only recently started doing).

While I was working on the article, I checked it regularly to see how it looked and read. This is a common practice for me: editing and reediting (part of a perfectionism that never seems to achieve fulfillment).

Today, while the article was still a “work in progress” I accidentally hit the “publish” button instead of the “preview” button.

I immediately knew what I had done. And was kicking myself.  All of my WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and Email subscribers received a copy of a poorly written, unfinished draft of what would eventually be a good post.

I was able to “unpublish” the article by properly scheduling it. But I couldn’t retrieve those notices sent out to the inboxes and feeds of my readers.

Woe is me! Egg on my face.

Here’s is what I plan to do in the future so I don’t make the same mistake twice: schedule the article as soon as I begin writing. Maybe even a year in advance so I have plenty of time to polish it before it posts. When it is the bees knees I can change the schedule date to its intended time.

If you schedule your articles in advance, you might want to schedule it before you start writing so you can avoid egg on your face.



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