Do Your Headlines Deliver What They Promise?

There is nothing more frustrating to your readers then clicking on a headline just to find that the content is either totally unrelated or so mirky that it takes a detective to sort it out.

Dr. Mercola (who I still follow) frustrates the tar out of me on a regular basis, making a promise in a headline (that I’d really like to know about) then delivering content that seems totally unrelated.

“Two Eating Mistakes That Can Impact Your Vision, Hormones, and Thyroid” was Mercola’s promise this morning. When I clicked on the link looking for the two mistakes, I found an article all about vitamin A.

I didn’t click to read about vitamin A. I clicked to find the two eating mistakes. I skimmed through to see if I could quickly find them. Nope. I then read the story at a glance. Not there either.

If I can’t find the answer I am looking for in a quick skim – I’m outta there. And I am not going to read the entire article (just to see if maybe there is a sentence about the two mistakes). If he is trying to sell a product…well he just lost the sale.

Don’t make the same mistake. You certainly don’t want to lose readers. Nor do you want to lose revenue.

And you definitely don’t want to leave a bad flavor in your reader’s mouth.

So what should you do? I am sure you have figured it out!

Deliver what you promise in a clear, compelling, complete manner.

Clever headlines are good. But clear (and honest) ones are better. If you can make them clever, clear, and honest – that’s even better.

You will build your customer’s trust if you show them that you are a person (or business) who delivers what they promise.


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