The End of Copywriting as I Know it

Since I began this journey of pursuing copywriting, I have gone through many phases of personal evaluation. Asking an important question has been fundamental in this process: “why copywriting?”

When I started, the “why” was selfish. I wanted a career, something that I could be successful in – after failing at many other things. I love writing and I love business. Copywriting seemed to be the perfect fit for me. With diligence and perseverance, one can be successful at almost anything they have a propensity towards. This sustained me for a time. However, I soon realized this reason was too selfish for me. Self-actualization is ultimately non-fullfilling, when Christ has taught us to be the servant of all.

This new perspective morphed my reason “why” into helping my husband (I am old-fashioned) attain his goals of furthering the Kingdom of Christ through financial means. This meant earning the most money possible. Copywriting seemed to be the perfect fit – until my husband switched his philosophy, and decided that the best way to serve the Kingdom was through works of service. Now I had to find another reason “why.”

I thought and thought and came to this conclusion. The only real motive for pursuing copywriting was for the money. Then I had to ask the next question. Why did I want the money? The answer astonished me.

I wanted the money so I could pursue the things that I really loved and wanted to do: namely to write about Kingdom things, learn how to sew, learn how to quilt, learn how to brew beer, learn how to make wine, and have the money to do so.

The Lord reminded me that He is my provider and has given me a husband to provide financially for our family so I could do the very things I desired. If copywriting was the very thing I desired, fine. I could pursue that. If not, I should not be pursuing it.

That day, I put away my copywriting books and signed up for a sewing class.

What now? I am going to continue my sewing class, get back into Kingdom blogging, and write that book that I have always wanted.

Do you LOVE copywriting? Pursue it. Do you love something else? Pursue that.


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