Can You Get an A+ On Bob Bly’s Copywriter’s Motivating Sequence

As you are all probably aware, I am an avid fan of Bob Bly.

In a recent email newsletter, Bly was discussing the necessity of understanding the fundamentals of copywriting if you want to pursue content marketing.

He wrote:

“One of those many formulas that copywriters master through long
years of study and practice is the 5-step Motivating Sequence.

Content writers: have you heard of it? Can you name all 5 steps
in the correct order? If not, I guarantee your writing does not
sell nearly as well as it could.”

After studying and memorizing portions of his book, The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Copy that Sells, I was able to name off the 5 steps in order – from memory.

I shot him an email naming the 5 steps in order (he likes feedback).

He responded:


If you are curious about the 5 step motivating sequence it is in chapter four of the previously named book.

It is available on!

I just used the sequence to revamp one of my listings on Etsy. Check it out here! I look forward to seeing if it will get any results. I may have to make a few more changes.


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