How I Am Presently (Like Right Now) Financing my Copywriting Education

Technically, though without knowledge, I have been engaged in copywriting since May 20, 1999 – and earning a steady profit online since the first month.

Online sales, without a doubt involve copywriting. An appropriate title and careful description are essential for search results as well as customer satisfaction. May 20, 1999 I opened an eBay account, selling mostly vintage type items.

For various reasons, I have moved most of my business to Etsy (which in my opinion is much more seller friendly). Some items are not appropriate for Etsy, so I do use eBay on occasion – and am always thankful for the outlet.

As a hobby I net anywhere from $150 to $500 a month. Not much, but I absolute love shopping for vintage items – and love selling them even more (for a profit of course).

Recently, all my profits have been added to the regular budget, paying for miscellaneous needs. However, I need to finance my copywriting education somehow – so I have decided set aside those profits for that purpose.

My commitment (for now): Use my monthly Etsy profits to support my new habit, which is learning the art of copywriting.

If I never succeed at copywriting, I know what I am learning will improve my sales – that is exciting!

Curious about what I have been selling?

eBay: my*old*hat


  1. Vintageopoly: Miscellaneous vintage

Do you have a hobby that you could turn into some monthly profit to finance your education?

In addition, I have finally started earning a little money at






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