Secrets to Making $100,000 a Year Freelance Copywriting

Well, I finished the essential portions of Robert Bly’s The Copywriter’s Handbook. It turns out that a large portion of the book is not relevant to my goals in copywriting, at least at this stage in my journey (as I am more interested in freelancing than working for an advertising company). But…the beginning of the book is worth memorizing key points and the rest is great to have for reference sake. See my full comments on the book in my Annotated Reading List page.

So, after skimming through the remainder of the above mentioned book, I decided to contact (once again) Bob Bly and ask him for the next step. He recommended that I read Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $100,000 a Year or More.

I had a momentary internal struggle as I considered that AWAI (through Writer’s Digest) was offering their Six Figure Copywriting program for an incredible $197.00 (usually $497), and their special offer ended TODAY! However, I know they will offer the discounted rate once again. After all, that is a HUGE part of copywriting… offering great discounts.

So now I wait for my new book to arrive. I decided to pay full price for a brand new copy so that Bob could receive some compensation for his kindness in suggesting a good path. So far I trust the man. He is a great writer and well established in his field. His books are much less expensive than the many offers I receive each day trying to sell their programs.

I also like that Bly’s books are in print and on Amazon. This means that someone has actually published them. Anyway, I love to hold a book in my hand. However, I suspect at some point, I will purchase additional products, including AWAI’s Six Figure Program – but I will bide my time.

For now, I will be content learning Bly’s way to earning $100,000 or more a year. Who knows – maybe it will be all I need.


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