Dramatically Increase Clicks Using These 4 Headline Techniques

These powerful headline techniques, developed by Michael Masterson, and expounded by Robert Bly in The Copywriter’s Handbook, can dramatically increase readership and response rates, and they can be implemented in a matter of minutes.

Bly calls the technique, “The 4 U’s Formula.”

#1: Urgent. Does the headline stimulate urgency in the reader, make them want to act NOW? Rate it on a scale of 1-4, one being the least urgent, four being very urgent.

#2: Unique. According to Bly, “The powerful headline…says something new…or says something [old]…in a new and fresh way.” Rate your headline 1-4.

#3: Ultra-specific. Does the headline narrow down the topic of the copy in a way that provokes the reader to want to read more? Rate it 1-4.

#4: Useful. Does the headline convey a benefit to the reader? Nothing motivates a person more than their own self-interest. Rate the headline.

Does your headline fall short of a 16 pointer? Don’t despair. Bly says to aim for at least 3 ratings of a 3 or 4 for the successful headline.

Have you begun your journey yet? The Copywriter’s Handbook is available at Amazon in print for under $20.00 or on Kindle for under $10.00. The book is “a step-by step guide to writing copy that sells.”


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